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3964L/R & 3546 - 379 Grille Surround Pieces

13-03964m001L, 13-03964m001R, 13-03546P, RPGP006, RPGP007

RPGP010, 13-03963m001L, 13-03963m001R, RPGP008, RPGP009

3964L (EXT Side), 3964R (EXT Side), 3546(Bottom)

3963L (Short Side), 3963R (Short Side)

Side and bottom pieces for 379 grille surrounds.  Can be purchased individually, both sides and the bottom.  Made out of polished aluminum.

Available for both short and long hoods

•This is a brand new part

•Made out of polished aluminum

•Pre-drilled holes

•Factory look and style

•Guaranteed fit, or your money back